Our service

Our Services during purchase process

  • Coordination of the entire process of purchase

  • Open and Fast communication on various social platforms among us, developer and client

  • Project control - Pictures from construction process and up-to-date information

  • Administrative tasks regarding ownership

    Thai quota

    as part of our customer service, we also offer you the option of buying an apartment on the Thai quota, where the prices, conditions and repayment schedule are more favorable. the only condition is to have an established Thai company with which we can provide you with 100% cooperation and assistance in setting up

    this service will be implemented by a reputable law firm without the need of your presence.

    it is a service for our clients that can also be free of charge (if the client buys unit from us) in which case we would pay this service for them as support.

Our Services after purchase

  • Resale – anytime after paying 20 % reservation fee, you can resale your apartment, with 0% increasement of inflation and devaluation = the price is fixed

  • Also in the buying process the client can resale his property anytime he wants

  • Renting apartment: management of the rented property in general, maintenance, repairs, control of tenants and ensuring payments to the owner, and other services

Our company operates as a licensed seller, having established formal agent agreements with various developers. These signed agreements are a testament to our legitimacy and authorization to facilitate property transactions on behalf of these developers.

When purchasing real estate through us, you can expect several advantages

One of the main benefits is the better pricing we offer compared to direct purchases from the developer. Our negotiating capabilities allow you to achieve favorable prices and special offers that can significantly enhance your real estate investment.

Additionally, we have implemented incentive programs for our clients. When buying property through us, you can earn various rewards, including airline tickets, discounts, and other perks. These motivational incentives are our way of expressing gratitude for your trust and loyalty to our company.

Direct Payment to Developer

You pay directly to the developer for properties

You achieve lower selling price

By choosing Us, you achieve lower selling price than official developer's price

Rewards upon Purchase

ticket, cash, discount

Our company is your reliable partner, ready to assist you at every step, from the beginning to the successful sale of your property.

Our main task is the precise coordination of the entire process from the very beginning to the successful completion of the deal. One of the key elements of this coordination is our ability to communicate effectively with our clients.

In an effort to streamline this process, we have introduced an innovative approach to customer interaction. We utilize groups on platforms such as WhatsApp or Line, where clients have the opportunity for direct communication with our team and, most importantly, with the Sales Developer responsible for their specific transaction.

This approach creates a space for quick and efficient exchange of information. Clients can instantly get answers to their questions, share their requirements, and express their ideas directly with the expert who is available to them throughout the entire purchase process.

Our commitment to communication at the highest level is not just about efficiency but also about ensuring a sense of trust and transparency. We believe that open communication is a key element of a successful real estate purchase, and therefore, we are ready to always be available to our clients through modern communication tools.

We offer extended services that encompass not only the act of buying but also comprehensive care throughout the entire duration of your property ownership.

During the pre-sale phase, we are not only available for coordination but also for precisely targeted care of your property. If desired, we can actively involve you in the construction process. We provide detailed project control and regularly send photographs to keep you informed about the progress of your investment project.

Upon the successful completion of construction, we move into the phase of apartment handover and equipment inspection. We ensure that everything is in accordance with the agreement and high-quality standards. Subsequently, the acquired property is integrated into our managed portfolio, where we handle all administrative and managerial tasks associated with ownership.

If you are interested in leasing, our company takes care of all aspects of this service. This includes not only rentals and their management but also regular tenant inspections. We ensure that payments are made on time and address any related issues if necessary.

In the event that you decide to sell your apartment, we are here to assist you. Our comprehensive service goes beyond the purchase of real estate; it marks the beginning of a long-term partnership built on care, trust, and the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Our offer in Pattaya

Project name: SKYPARK Lucean Jomtien Pattaya

Developer: Lunique Real Estate Co., ltd

Project name: AROM Jomtien

Developer: Colours development Co.,Ltd. (Joint venture)
Project owner AVA Land Development Company Limited

Project name: RIVIERA MALIBU Residences

Developer: Riviera Group

Project name: COPACABANA Coral reef & Beach Jomtien


Starting prices from 2,990,000 THB

Project name: EMBASSY Condominium, Pattaya

Developer: The Embassy Development

Starting prices from 2,690,000 THB

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